Human Computer Interaction and Smart Cities.

Urban countries nowadays are putting a lot of effort in becoming a smart city. You can see them trying to progress either by implementing successful ideas from elsewhere or observing their environment and finding solutions to save the environment.

urban country

Miss Areej Al-Wabil is an ambitious women that works in an industry that involves smart city. She is the principal investigator at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, she is also a researcher fellow, Ideation Lab at MIT.

She started to talk about her back round which I found very impressive because she seemed like she achieved a lot and still looking for more! I love meeting people who are successful as Miss Areej it makes me motivated and seeking the best of me.Then she started the main topic that she wanted to talk about which mainly talks about “smart city” and what are the products that they have produced that can help an environment to become an environment the suits a smart city.

smart-citysmarter city backround

The company she works at have done a lot in producing products and ideas for smart cities, some of the products were made by masters students. There were products that were made to serve education and stakeholders!

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Design:

Some of the designs that were mentioned under this topic were really incredible… actually almost unbelievable! For example, there was this product called ” The Eye-gaze diagnostics for visual attention”, the main idea of what this product does it shows what are you looking at for instance if I am reading a book it can show you what word I am looking at. Simply it shows what I am focusing on.

They usually use this design in education where it can help the teacher diagnose the difficulties a student has when the student pause in a certain word or skip it the teacher will be tracking what they read. I think this product would help students not only in reading but also it can help a teacher focusing on students who gets distracted easily in most of the time during class.

eye gazeeye_gaze_resize

Prototyping and Ideation:

The main idea of this concept is what Miss Areej and her company do in their IT department. We watched a video that explains the idea of design and the process in how it happens it was really creative in showing us how one person think of a design and try to draw it then put it as a prototype after that manufacturing it. ” Mishkat” which is a science venue located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is an example of Prototyping and Ideation. This science venue is designed for children to understand how the children interact with the objects.


I never heard of it before but I got excited to take my young brother to it, he loves to interact with anything that has to do with technology.

Social Innovation in Smart City Design:

A video was played the talks about social glass, what does social glass means and what does it do?

“It’s an ongoing effort that enables stakeholders in having a general image in any city they want to go and do business at”.

I like this idea because some people who start businesses nowadays find difficulties in emerging any country, they wouldn’t have a back ground information about the city they’re going to which results a failure in identifying who your customers are.

Campaign toward a Sustainable Campus:

Dublin City University has come up with a strategy that saves the environment, enables the students to move more than using sustainable transport. For example if you use the bus you and the distance between where you live and your university is long, you can go with the bus and stop near the closest bus stop and walk the rest of the distance to the university. This way you can save gas for the bus and you can exercise while walking to the university. I think it is a clever thinking by doing this strategy because it not only saves the environment it helps other aspects as well.

dcu greengreen cam dcu


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