whats the best way to communicate? lets find out!

In a world full of business you have to communicate and socialize with others, but of course there are several ways to do that. Recently I attended a seminar that talked about this topic and how important communicating is either online or offline. But the question is which one is more beneficial, communicating face-to-face or online?!


Online communicating:

Choosing the right social media:

On the 14th of October we had a guest speaker named Miss Latifa Alsudary. a passionate women that owns Lati stores. She talked about her company and how she started it. I knew her business was about fashion because: a)most women in Saudi Arabia chooses fashion as their business and b) she was fashionable! I loved the way she dressed herself because it was suitable for the place and the topic. As she was telling us her story and how she started her business, she mentioned that she had problems in choosing the right media for online marketing, in other words she faced problems in reaching her customers. What was that problem?! She started with a Facebook page!!

                               578686_403283869729354_1614700691_n  logo

I know that what I am about to say is weird but that was a big mistake! I mean if you are starting a business in Saudi Arabia and you want to choose social media to advertise you shouldn’t choose Facebook. No one from her target market uses Facebook, actually in general Saudis don’t use it very often anymore.

LISTEN to the advices you are given by others:

Of course when you start a business you should listen to advices that you are given by others, especially when you are targeting a younger generation than you are you should listen to what they know about their generation. That’s exactly what miss Latifa did, two young man and lady told her she should do more research on how marketing online is done these days.

She also listens to her team and that’s what a great manager would do, in fact her only advice to us the whole time she was talking she kept repeating:

” you have to LISTEN..LISTEN…LISTEN!! “

“Thats what made me succeed, I listened”


I knew she kept repeating because it was really important, when you think of it if you don’t listen to your customers opinion about your product/service, you won’t have that person as a customer, whether to your customers, employees, family or even friends.

and it made me remember this quote I read from a website, as Anthony Kosner from Forbes said:

” Customers are unpredictable so the product should be predictable”

I liked the fact she did that “listening”, because from what I saw, she is doing absolutely great in her online marketing especially advertising through social media. They have done an Instagram page where they illustrated 3 personas they’ve created. It was really funny to read the comments that are said by these characters. It was funny because they made the comments informal Arabic language.

IMG_3917                             IMG_3918

She had a lot of ideas that I liked, I admired her passion, her personality that does not say yes to what is OK and the way her company expanded their knowledge in online communicating.

Face-to-face communicating:

I have always thought that communicating online is more beneficial because you can reach people from other countries, with other cultures and languages. But face-to-face communicating also has its own advantages.


If you asked me before this seminar I would choose online communicating as the most beneficial, but let me tell you something, I was convinced when Dr. Anne Morrissey mentioned that you might not know who you are marketing online but then you meet who is interested in your product/service face-to-face!

Especially when a company wants a long-term relationship with their suppliers they have to strengthen that relationship and by that they have to meet them.


Social Networking:

If you work in a business industry, you should know that social networking is more important than getting your monthly salary! Not really.. but imagine how important it is.

You should know how to socialize whether you are in your work environment or a business conference, it’s important to know a lot of people who can provide you with resources and take resources from you. But of course not everyone can trust you and give you resources easily. For example, you have a LinkedIn account and you added an employee who works in a HR department, this person does not have any relationship with you. So even if you need him to hire you in the company he works in, he won’t! because he does not trust you and he doesn’t know you too.


Dr. Claire Gubbins who explained to us social networking, asked us to list 10 people that can help you because of the strong relationship between us. I was really shy from this question because I only have at least 8, which made me consider getting to know some of my connection a lot more. She also asked us which is the better dot that is getting more “gossip” from other dots, not only the quantity but also it has to be not repeated gossip.


finally, there are do’s and donts when it comes to social networking, online and offline. you can find these amazing advices from this video.


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